Hire Local Carpet Cleaners in Brighton BN1

Is it time to clean your carpets? Do they have dried stains all over and it would take forever for them to come off? We offer carpet cleaning Brighton BN1, guarantee to make your carpets look as good as new. One call to 01273 980 113 will get you in touch with the carpet cleaning experts, so don’t hesitate and call now!

Carpet Cleaning Services Brighton BN1 Benefits List

Hire our rug cleaning service, and these are the bonuses you get:

  • Carpet Cleaning BrightonFull insurance;
  • Professional carpet cleaners with 10 years of experience;
  • Inspection of the carpet before treatment;
  • Eco friendly cleaning detergents;
  • Service suitable for landlords and tenants, that you can combine with our end of tenancy service to get a discount;
  • Specialized cleaning equipment;
  • Cleaning techniques that prolong the life of your carpet;
  • 24/7 customer support on phone lines;
  • Possibility for last minute booking, including on weekends and bank holidays;
  • Free no-obligation estimate.

We can deal with any type of fabric. Once we arrive, your rug will be carefully inspected by the professionals to determine what type of solution to use. However, your carpeting will need deep clean-up rarely if you use regular domestic cleaning.

Method 1: Hot Water Extraction

This is used on all synthetic and wool carpets. This method has proved to give the most thorough clean. Here is how it is done:

  1. Carpet inspection. If we decide the fabric can be treated with the hot water extraction method, we proceed.
  2. We hoover the carpet to get rid of free particles. We pre-treat old dried stains with a family-friendly cleaning solution.
  3. A tiny nozzle sprays hot pressured water onto the carpet, while the treated spot is simultaneously vacuumed.
  4. By the time we are done, 95% of the moisture will be extracted, along with all the dirt.
  5. The carpet will dry in the next three hours on an opened window.

Method 2: Carpet Dry Cleaning

If your carpet is more luxurious and it might shrink from getting wet, we use the dry cleaning method. We start the carpet dry cleaning process by:

  • Inspecting the carpet.
  • We hoover to remove loose particles.
  • We pre-treat old stains with an Eco-friendly detergent.
  • We sprinkle absorbing powder on the whole carpet.
  • With a special machine, we will scrub the powder off along with the dirt.

Hire Carpet Cleaners Brighton BN1 Today!

Call 01273 980 113 to book your carpet cleaners. You will receive a free no-obligation quote upon request. For any questions, our polite customer support will be happy to give you answers. If you already decided on your order, you can use the online chat feature, or the online booking form.

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